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Our highly skilled tradesmen are without a doubt our greatest asset. With their 'can do and will do' attitude, they're also the best advert we could hope for, and are the main reason why our clients come back to us again and again and feel highly confident tin recommending us to their family and friends.

Meet some of our people . . .

Peter, the Boss. Peter isn't only the boss, but has been in the building business over 20 years and is very much a hands-on person, having mastered virtually every skill that is required in the building and renovation business over the years which include, plumbing, electrics, plastering, tiling, roofing, bricklaying, landscaping, and the list goes on.

He is that kind of person that everyone likes and are glad to work for.

Chris, pictured here during a loft conversion is not only good at balancing on scaffolding, but is one of our best site managers with a range of skills longer than your arm; in fact there's nothing in terms of building and refurbishment that he can't do very well himself. As well as being very hands-on, he manages the work in progress ensuring we achieve our two main goals: high quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. He is a truly great asset to our company.
Paul is our general help and can put his hands to most things although his main strength lies in plumbing work in which he excels.
Greg is one of our general helpers, which means that he assists our other tradesmen whenever required as well as being able to carry out plumbing work, and electric cabling.
Bill is one of those people who has the necessary skills in virtually every field of building work and we're very glad to have found him because of the standard of his workmanship and his highly positive attitude towards work.
Norbert is one of the best plasterers we've ever come across. A perfectionist; we are often amazed at the speed and excellence of his work.
Robert is a highly skilled tradesman who can put his hand to almost any type of work and carry it out to the highest standard. He is very much a "tell me what to do and I'll do it" person.
Peter is one of our painters and decorators and takes great pride in his work producing a high class finish on every job we give him.
William is another multi-discipline worker who needs the most minimal of supervision and gets the job done, whatever it may be, in record time and to perfection.
Andy is another one of our plasterers whose motto is, "if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well". We can't argue with that kind of logic!
Peter is another of our carpenters who produces some of the most outstanding work we've ever seen from a carpenter. He is another great asset to our company and can put his hand to many other kinds of work with equal aplomb.
Derek - now please excuse the picture as we had to tie this human dynamo up because he doesn't like to be photographed; however he is an excellent plasterer and tiler when he's not tied up with tape in order to photograph him!
Arthur - we're not sure what this pose is supposed to show about Arthur's character. We had a debate about this and thought that maybe he thinks he's a plane, or he thought he was auditioning for a Hollywood movie! He is, however, one of the best labourers we've yet come across.

Our Property Renovation Company London have been providing high quality property refurbishment services in London Since 1999

Our property renovation company operate in the following areas of London including: Acton, Belsize Park, Borehamwood, Chiswick, Ealing, Enfield, Finchley, Gerards Cross, Golders Green, Hammersmith, Islington, Langley, Maida Vale, Mill Hill, Northwood, Richmond, Rickmansworth, Slough, and Wood Green.

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